Loversteeth is

Brandon McCabe / Vocals & Bass

Zach Fratoni / Guitars & Synth

Karl Lebel Viens / Guitars

Charles Capretta / Drums


 Created by the idea of being greater than the sum of its parts, Loversteeth is a four-piece band that has been making dynamic, wide-range atmospheric hard rock for just over 3 years. Their sound has been described as bold and nostalgic with a modern edge.

Blending elements of atmospheric rock and lush synthesized soundscapes, Loversteeth released their first self-titled EP to much anticipation in April 2022. This first release showcases Brandon McCabe’s dynamically haunting melodies and aggressive vocals, paired with Zach Fratoni’s and Karl Lebel Viens’ progressive and experimental guitar playing and Charles Capretta’s pummelling rhythms, this first release exemplifies the diverse musical palette this band cultivates.

Loversteeth is a fully independent act please feel free to reach out with any inquiries 

Please email for EPK