We wish to formally introduce you to Branches of Argyle. 

Timelessness, longing, memory, eternal, legacy.

Please visit your favourite streaming service, and sink into Branches of Argyle

This band produces a lot of demos during our downtime but when it came to what would become Branches of Argyle, we knew ahead of the recording sessions that we had something special musically. The song was lush, had depth, told a story of its own and most importantly, gave us the opportunity to reflect on our individual relationship with grief.

Much like the process of mourning itself, this song traverses through emotional peaks and valleys.

Specifically, Branches of Argyle evokes the emotional ripple of loss as it rips through a community.

‘’Offered as a sonic memorial for two childhood friends of mine, the song is also a condemnation of the community in which I was raised. 

Even discussing this subject matter is difficult for me, but I am happy to share these brief thoughts with all of you. ‘’ 

-Brandon McCabe

To everyone reading this, it's challenging to convey just how much we appreciate your support in one message.

Your encouragement resonates within the band, infusing purpose into everything we do. We sincerely thank you from the depths of our hearts, for your time, and your ongoing love and support.

We are a band called Loversteeth; this is Branches of Argyle.

All our love and gratitude, as always. 

Thank you,

Brandon, Charles, Karl & Zach